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Kids Apparel & Sublimation t-shirts with positive messages




just any


This t-shirt is exclusively curated for young people. This t-shirt can help kids embrace confidently who they were created to be. Simple and straightforward.


We believe the clothes we wear say a lot about who we are, what we believe, how we see ourselves. We also believe words have power that can bring life or death; hope or despair; being accepted or rejected.  With this in mind, [be] anchored offers a collection of shirts that will send identity-affirming, confidence-building, purpose-driven words every time your child wears it.


Before the media tells your daughter she is only beautiful when she changes everything special about her, teach her that she was "fearfully and wonderfully made." Instill honor, valor and integrity in your son before their friends entice them with quick thrills.

So, NO, this is NOT just another kids' t-shirt. These shirts carry unlimited power with the words and scriptures prayerfully printed on each one of them. Our hope is to lay a foundation of Truth in their lives about who they were created to be; so when they are old, they will not depart from it. As parents, it is our responsibility to give our kids their absolute best chance at an abundant, fulfilled life, knowing who they were created to [be] by the Creator of the Universe, our Father of Heavenly Lights who is jealous for each of us to know Him & be known by Him.


Keep scrolling to find our very first collection of [be] anchored designs.  If you have one specific word in mind, a customized option is available for purchase.


Every shirt has a unique word printed on the front with a scripture reference on the back that is connected with that design. Read each description to find the perfect match for your child!


Do you have multiple kids? Or love ALL the designs?

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How it works!

Be Anchored Supports Kids


We get it! Some kids need a good, old-fashioned piggy-back ride to help them through the toughest parts of life. With every purchase of a [be] anchored t-shirt, we will donate a portion of the sales to a local organization dedicated to helping kids find who they were created to be!

Click the link below to learn about our partner organization:

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